O Level Mathematics Key books (Solutions)

O level Mathematics key books

The O level mathematics key books or guidebook provides complete answers and solutions for all the book exercises. It,s a Teachers resource material and Students should not use it too often, and also not to use it for their daily homework, Only to be used when they are stuck in a specific question or exercise. Although it,s best for Teachers.

Currently we have uploaded D1 and D4 Key books, D2 and D3 will be uploaded soon.

You can download the doceuments in pdf below:

Download D1

Download D4


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  1. m ali

    ALLAH bless you that is all i can say

  2. Ruhma

    key book for D4 is not key book actually .. its kinda revision questions for D4.. can u plz upload key book i really need

  3. student

    I opened D4. But it was a disappointment because there is no solution of any question in it only answers are given.

  4. mara

    d4 not openng

  5. Justin Mweene

    I can only say job well done, may you be blessed in all your endeavours

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